SE2SE Yarn #2 – Jacob

I may have gone a little crazy right out of the gate in looking for SE2SE yarns. My second find is a skein of lovely yarn from the Jacob breed. This comes from the Havencroft farm, through their Etsy shop. Jen also sent me a small sample of homespun of one of their sheep’s dark and light wool spun together – lovely!

This skein is a bit on the softer side. It is labeled as gray but looks a bit brownish to me – which could easily be our light. In any case, it has a nice, tweedy look to it, and a slightly drapy feel.

I am trying to remember this project runs for 3 years – there is plenty of time to find these yarns. And of course, it doesn’t need to be around this project, either. But it is fun getting my passport stamps in my booklet! Now I’ve got to decide what to knit with what I’ve got. I have ideas of a breed-specific blanket, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen. I’ve decided not to worry about yarn weight and just take what’s available when I can find it. Though that should be workable with afghan squares…

Decisions, decisions!

5 thoughts on “SE2SE Yarn #2 – Jacob

  1. It does seem a little more challenging to find yarns, but maybe the selections will have grown by next year. That’s what I’m hoping (as I trudge through cleaning mounds of romeldale fleece!) That’s a nice rustic looking yarn. Hat and mittens?

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    1. Very true! I’m hoping more places make yarn available. Also, some of the people in the Ravelry group who spin were talking about registering as fiber providers and selling what they spin. Which would work too 🙂 Hat and mittens is a definite option!

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