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Nessie to the Frog Pond

Slightly less than a year ago, I finished a pair of socks that feature the Loch Ness monster and are done in sparkly gradient yarn. I was pretty excited, because who doesn’t love Nessie? And sparkly gradient yarn?

And then I tried them on. WAY too big. They were top down, so I couldn’t really try them on before the were finished. But it might still be OK. They are done in stranded colorwork, so maybe a wash would – tighten them up a little? Even if no, they would be fine at-home socks.

And then I washed them. And the pretty blue yarn bled and bled and bled. I kept rinsing until the water ran clear, but the white yarn that was stranded with the blue was already blue now too.

So they have been laying on the dryer, where I left them at some point last May, because I just couldn’t deal with them. I tried them on again today. Yup – still too big!

I’ve been kind of circling around this decision, but finally got there. Earlier today, I finally decided they need to be frogged. I will probably throw out the yarn previously known as white, but will definitely save the sparkly gradient. I think it will make something lovely, but maybe not stranded with white yarn. And I will knit this pattern again. Just with different yarn. And I will do them toe up.

Have you ever made anything that you knew you had to frog but were really reluctant to do it?

8 thoughts on “Nessie to the Frog Pond

  1. I’ve never frogged a finished project. There have been plenty I should have frogged, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I just tell myself awkward things are really OK at home alone. I also give away a lot of my stuff when it doesn’t fit me.

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    1. Sometimes it’s easier to just let them be. Like these socks – it’s coming up on the anniversary of me abandoning them on top of the dryer. That’s the only thing that shamed me into doing something about them 😉

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  2. I’ve frogged an entire sweater before. It was liberating. I re-knit it and it was much better the second time around!

    Sorry about your runny blue sparkles. Blue has been my most problematic color when it comes to non-fixed dye. I have’t had a problem with red, knock on wood! Maybe the real issue is that I love blue, and knit with that color more than any other, so the odds of getting a runny blue is higher than for other colors…

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    1. Sometimes its hard getting to the decision to frog, but it is always better when you just DO it 🙂 Glad it worked out well to reknit your sweater! Yes, I was sorry about the runny blue too. It has been a problematic color for me as well from a couple of different dyers. It just seems to be one of those things. Now I know to take precautions going forward!


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