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Spring is Possibly Springing

We are having what looks like it might be spring going on here. I’m being very cautious about it, because “that 2 weeks in March that make you think it’s spring” is famous hereabouts. Mostly after that two weeks, it snows a bunch again, cruelly dashing all our hopes and bringing coats and boots back out of the closet.

Also, spring here is not the lovely delight it is in other places. It’s referred to here as “breakup” and it is as ugly as a bad one.

Scenic view off my balcony.

This is mostly because as the snow begins to melt, everything it was hiding comes to light. All of the cinders and gravel that got strewn around all winter just piles up, and all the garbage that was hidden becomes visible.

It isn’t all bad, of course. We went without even light coats today, which was a nice change. It’s been sunny for the last three days, and we’ve been able to open the windows for a little bit each evening to get some fresh air in. So that’s all a real treat!

Also, assuming it really is spring, soon everyone will sweep up and rake their yards. The city runs street and sidewalk sweepers all over town to wash off all the grime. Everyone goes crazy planting the most colorful flowers they can find. So soon it will look much better. But today is not that day!

How’s spring treating you?

14 thoughts on “Spring is Possibly Springing

  1. In NZ we are a third of the way through autumn now and still getting a lot of summer weather. Just hoping it will continue for a few more weeks as we are heading south for a week and a half around Easter.

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  2. We didn’t have much snow here this winter so we don’t have many surprises underneath. Currently the change of light and the start of allergy season are our biggest clues though there are some tulips and daffodils sprouting.

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  3. When our snow melted a few weeks back, the local mall had a lot of their “border pavers” dislodged. The big snow plows must have plowed them into the ginormous snow banks. The snow is gone and all that’s left is a pile of concrete pavers in parking spaces where they don’t belong! We are expecting 70s today (yay) but spring has been dragging it’s feet this year. Then I’m reminded that it’s only March.

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  4. Today was a cold reminder that it is still March. It was in the low 40s and blowing like crazy today. Enough plants are up that I’m sneezing and sniffling, but it’s cold enough I needed mittens on my walk.

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