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Welcome to my new entertainment obsession – the Welcome to Night Vale podcast. It is not a new podcast, having been started in 2012. But it’s new to me, so one of the things that’s exciting is that there is quite a lot of it to listen to 🙂

The format is you are listening to a community radio broadcast from a small, strange town in a desert where all of the conspiracy theories are true. If you like absurdist humor, conspiracy theories, and general weirdness, you may also enjoy it! Although maybe not. My DH is not a fan, so I just listen when he is out of the room. I would guesstimate that 75% of my Bramen cowl has been knitted to the dulcet tones of Night Vale Community Radio host, Cecil.

Do you listen to any podcasts? If so, which are your favorites? Know of any good knitting ones? I should probably find a non-weird one for when my DH is in the room 😉

11 thoughts on “Podcast to Knit By

  1. I’ll try this podcast. I have been working my way through Kristy Glass Knits channel on YouTube as she has interviews with designers, yarn shop owners, other podcasters. I watch Amy Florence of the Stranded podcast each week, she has a nice energy about her. I also watch Knitting the Stash fortnightly podcasts, she has a lovely calm energy and reviews knitting books, does test knits, reviews some yarns. I also watch her husband’s videos on converting a prison bus to a Campervan. He’s Metaspencer on YouTube. I have no DIY skills at all but have watched all his videos! I dip in and out of the Crazy Sock Lady, the Grocery Girls and Chemknits (when she is dyeing with acid not food dyes).

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  2. I live for podcasts getting my through a long day of spreadsheets. My top three knitting audio podcasts are Prairie Girls Knit and Spin, Imagined Landscapes, and F This Knit.


  3. I’ve found an audio podcast I am really enjoying, it’s not knitting related…it’s called Ologies and each episode she interviews an …..ologist. She swears a bit but they are surprisingly interesting and entertaining, despite me never enjoying science. Volcanology is the first episode she did in 2017 and she’s still releasing episodes so there’s a lot of ologies. No adverts and around an hour long.

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