Not as Random as I Thought

Earlier this week, I posted about my Knitting Seasons week 5 exercise – the random stripes exercise.

And I mentioned that though I technically completed the exercise, I felt like I had a bit more to learn from it. So I started a second swatch with different yarn and a bit more randomness built into it.

My random-looking but not actually random swatch

For the second swatch, the plan was 1) random yarn pulled from a bag, 2) dice roll to determine number of rows, and 3) dice roll to determine stitch pattern. For this last part I made a list of 6 stitch patterns, so 1 = stockinette, 2 = garter, etc. And do you know what? Randomness is really hard! I couldn’t do it! I was more concerned about the swatch looking random than about it being actually random. Twice I drew yarns I had already used and set them aside to pick a different yarn. Also, I rolled stockinette for a third time and I shook my head and rerolled. Couldn’t stick with it. So I learned that. Also I learned I don’t like ribbing in the middle of a piece.

So very likely not the lessons I was supposed to learn from this, but there they are.

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