Sample Gansey Progress

I didn’t have a lot of knitting time today, as I had to get some chores done, and we had a few more errands to run, but I did get a little time in on the sample gansey, aka Dolores’ gansey.

One of the features of ganseys is adding the wearer’s initials on the bottom front edge. So I got the D knitted…

And also got a start on the pattern part of the body and started the gussets for the sleeves.

I know it’s hard to see – one of the reasons I didn’t want to use black yarn for this is that it is super hard to photograph. But with a little more progress it will be a bit clearer. This sampler is moving along pretty quickly, though! How are your projects going?

11 thoughts on “Sample Gansey Progress

  1. How helpful, now Delores won’t forget who she is! I knocked a few mini quilts out of the queue and now will catch up on the cowl before heading out to Seattle on Wednesday. Then it’s all knitting since I can’t take my machine with me.

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    1. LOL – true. Any other color would have been better! The great part is this yarn is left over from knitting a cable sweater for my DH, which he requested in black. 🙂 But getting rid of some of these scraps will be good!

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    1. The book I will be knitting my real gansey from takes you through knitting a little sampler gansey anyway. It is a nice way to have you try out the different techniques and so on. So I thought – why not resize it for Dolores?

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