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My 4’33*

My Knitting Season creativity journal so far

I know I need to relax about this a bit, but other people in the Knitting Season pattern/creativity group are posting all these adorable pages with sketches of all the crafty things they want to create and make and I’m just over here like….. These dot grid pages are so pretty. I sure hate to ruin them!

Oh well, I’m just a little stressy about this right now. It will come:)


*4’33 is that John Cage composition where the pianist sits at the piano and doesn’t play for 4 minutes and 33 seconds. I have to confess I did not remember the title of the piece and had to Google “the music composition where nothing happens” to get to the right place.

I also have to confess that I only know about this piece at all because of a deeply strange high school music teacher that was all about this piece and spent around a month (maybe not really, but it sure felt that way) having us watch pianists not play it over and over again. And then talk about it and write essays about it. So it is kind of burned into my memory. Not in a good way. This same man also made us listen to the same Cat Stevens song 17 times over the course of a couple weeks.

16 thoughts on “My 4’33*

  1. For some reason I was thinking that piece was 5’33”. That would be an extra minute worse!

    I don’t have a bullet journal, but I use a quad ruled spiral notebook to keep track of my knitting design projects. I have a table of contents in the front that I use BuJo style, and number the project pages. Maybe I should pay better attention to it this year. I stopped looking at it around September!

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      1. I just organized my quad ruled design notebook for this year. It’s really more of a to do list on the front page, linked to page numbers with info about yarn and ideas for each design project. Nothing pretty about it at all! It’s just a place I can keep as an idea dump! It was gratifying to see that I had finished about half of the projects that were listed for the second half of last year. Onward!

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      2. That is pretty good odds 🙂 I suspect when I get into mine it isn’t going to be a pretty journal either. I admire people who do that sort of thing, but I don’t think that’s me. I just need to brainstorm and plan.


  2. Mine is still empty too, but not because I don’t want to mess up the nice, clean pages. I just don’t think I have any clever or interest to write or sketch. We need to get over all this! 🙂

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  3. There is something very intimidating about a blank page in a notebook. How about putting a few rough ideas on a piece of loose paper and once you’re confident put the more detailed ideas into the notebook. Sometimes just getting started is the hardest part:)

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  4. This is how my crazy self would handle the fear of starting your pretty notebook: get a cheap notebook to use until you get used to your nice one. Once you are used to putting your thoughts down you won’t feel intimidated.

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