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Holiday Q&A

This Q & A is stolen borrowed from Karen at  NothingButKnit, as ususal 🙂 

  • Have you made holiday decorations for your home? What have you made? Do you have a tradition of making something every year?
  • Did you craft for holidays when you were a child? Do you have a memory of something you made?
  • Do you gift items that you make? Do you surprise the recipient or do they request something? How do you judge their worthiness? Have you ever regretted gifting someone?
  • Have you seen a crafty project you’d like to make but haven’t?

My answers are below – feel free to answer in the comments or copy and answer on your own blog!

  • I have made holiday decorations for my home.  I have made wreaths in the past, and also tree ornaments.  When I was young and insane, I embroidered a Christmas tablecloth (from a kit – I didn’t design it or anything). It is still around someplace, but not actively in use.  
  • We definitely crafted for the  holidays when I was little.  Ornaments, paper chains, birdfeeder/ornaments for outdoor trees (you roll pinecones in peanutbutter and then in birdseeds), candles, and much, much more.  It was the 70’s. We had to make our own fun.  😉
  • I do occasionally gift items that I have made.  It is mostly a surprise, but sometimes based on a request.  I don’t generally consider making anything for anyone who isn’t knitworthy. Usually it is for people I love, and who have been in my life for a while. I’ve regretted it a couple of times. Mostly though, people are gratified – or at least pretend to be, which is really good enough! 
  • Ravelry and Pinterest are completely full of crafty projects I’d love to make but haven’t – yet!

8 thoughts on “Holiday Q&A

  1. I have been Christmas crafting a bit – possibly more than in the last few years but maybe less than when I was a little girl! I remember reams of paper chains across the bedroom ceiling!

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  2. I haven’t made anything for my home yet. I did make wreaths for the cemetery. I also made my daughter a Christmas Afghan for her house. I was thrilled with how it turned out because it is my first completed knit project.

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