Backtracking Already

So there I was, making great progress on my gray tank – when I realized I had messed up the waist shaping completely.  

One evening, Thursday I believe, I sat down without a care in the world to watch Midsomer Murders (I’m on a bit of a binge with that show – up to season 18!) and just knit away in stockinette up until bedtime.  

Except that I should have been doing my waist shaping in exactly that stretch of knitting.  Sigh. 

So this evening, when I sat down to watch Midsomer Murders, I slid a circular needle in at the row where I should have started shaping, and ripped back down.  Fortunately the placeholder circular worked out great and I was able to begin again without any hassles.  This time, working the shaping like I was supposed to!  And the yarn did not seem to suffer from being ripped, which I was a little concerned about.  So, other than a few wasted hours, no harm done, and I am almost where I was when I figured out my mistake.  

Now with shaping!  

6 thoughts on “Backtracking Already

    1. Yep – caught up in programming 🙂 And ordinarily I would just let it go. But I bothered to generate a fitted pattern, so I felt like it would be a little goofy of me not to fix it so it actually fits! I am pretty happy with the yarn color as well 🙂

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