Happy Day!

Today I got two excellent bits of news.  First – I am getting a bit thinner! Not a lot, but at least a bit.  I have been working on losing weight and getting in better shape, and it is starting to pay off 🙂  I discovered this while reading through the pattern for the gray tank of previous post fame.  I was looking at the measurements and looking at myself and thinking “This doesn’t seem right…”  So I whipped out a tape measure, and sure enough, it wasn’t right.  So I went to Custom Fit and looked at my measurements from August – I lost between two and four inches from various places on my torso!  

So that was exciting.  Then I had to leave for work, but was buzzing with plans for my tank.  I figured I would have to spend one of my free patterns this month to redo it with my new measurements, but that is a small price to pay!  

Finally I got home and back to my computer, and guess what!  I got to remake it for free! There are parameters around this – you have a set time period from when the pattern is originally generated, and you get to do it ONCE.  So no dozens of free redos on a pattern – just one.  So I created my new measurements, redid the pattern, and voila!  Got a start on it 🙂 

It’s too early to tell at this point, but the pattern is Schooner, and the yarn is Noro Silk Garden Solo in Light Gray.  

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