Bits and Pieces

Today was a disjointed day in terms of crafting.  First and foremost, I made some material progress on Dolores’ caftan, and am about halfway done with the turban that goes with it.  

Caftan pieces on the blocking mats

Other than that, I took the plunge this morning and bought into Kate Davies pattern club that incorporates bullet journaling somehow.  Now that I decided to try it, I’m kind of excited to get going, but am going to have to wait about a month for the patterns to start coming.  Not sure when the journal will show up. 

Having made the decision, I had to physically restrain myself from ordering a bunch of washi tape and stickers and so on.  We shall see if this need naturally develops when I actually start using the thing!  

And finally, I started gathering materials for the next project I am starting as soon as I finish off the caftan and turban. My Find Your Fade shawl is still in progress, but I do like to have two things going so I can switch off.  Originally I planned to go right into the next outfit for Dolores, but instead decided to do a tank for myself. I know Dolores needs the glam, but I am short of clothes right now, and since I have a job and have to leave the house, an outfit for me is first.  She is miffed, but will get over it.  😉  

How are your projects going?  

8 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

    1. You still can, if you like! There is a limited edition that sold out in 6 minutes (not exaggerating), but an unlimited version that includes weekly patterns and creativity posts, and then you get two books at the end of the process. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of the unlimited, but will still do the same thing. So not too late!


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