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All Shook Up

In case you missed it, Anchorage (where I live) got hit with a 7.2 earthquake today at 8:29 this morning. We have been also getting aftershocks of varying magnitudes all day long – some of them pretty strong ones.  For the curious, you can check out the Alaska Earthquake observatory website here. Click on the Legend tab to see what the dots mean.  You can click and zoom to get more details on each quake. 

Edited to add: I did also want to say that by and large Anchorage came off OK.  There is some pretty significant road damage here and there, and some people’s houses didn’t come out of it as well, it was mostly OK.  At this point, 16 hours after the initial shake, there are no fatalities reported, and not much by way of serious injuries.  Some people got cuts from broken glass and there were a few broken limbs – that sort of thing.  Some people did lose more of their possessions, but mostly it went as well as this sort of thing can be expected to go.  

My family and I are all fine, though the cats are really quite freaked out, and we humans are somewhat freaked out as well. Our house seems to have come through it all OK as well, though most of our belongings got flung onto the floor.  Some glasses and crockery didn’t make it, and a couple of plants didn’t pull through, but otherwise it all seems to be all right.  

I didn’t get too many pictures inside the house, as it was dark out yet when it happened and our power went out almost immediately.  My Mom and I started cleaning things up and putting them back in order by flashlight.  Then when the sun came up, and subsequently the power came back on, we were just too busy clearing up.  One picture I did get was in our room. 

This is all my DH’s WWII books.  You’ll notice the yarn bins are still standing.  

So all in all, not the day I thought I would be having today when I went to bed last night.  Hope your Friday was good and not quite this exciting! 

Dolores says “My martini glass came through it OK – we’re going to be fine!”

11 thoughts on “All Shook Up

    1. We are mostly tidied up OK. There are a few more things to put to rights, but mostly now we need to just calm down. The cats seem to be camping under our bed and just coming out for food and occasional reassurance. That is fine – they will calm down gradually too 🙂

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