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Pop Up!

Guys!  We had a pop-up at our local yarn store!  That never happens here (or almost never), so it was pretty exciting.  

I know lots of yarn shops in the lower 48 have this sort of event often – where visiting yarn dyers or manufacturers of some knit-related product visit for a day or a part of a day to have a special sale of their products.  But we are so far from everyplace else, and it’s so expensive to get here.  Also the few local dyers and knit-related makers (people who make stitch markers and so on) already are selling at the local shops anyway.  So anyway, we basically never get this sort of event.  

But today, we had Alexandra’s Crafts visiting at Far North Yarn Company!  The dyer (I’m guessing Alexandra, but not sure about that) does a lot of nifty yarns – gradients, speckles and tonals. But her special thing she does is just a blip of color on one end of a skein, while the rest is a neutral – black, gray, or white mostly.  It looks nifty as all get out!  She does some of these with just one or two colors, but her special specialty is rainbows!  So guess what I got?

And I seriously had to restrain myself – so many beautiful yarns!  And they are so soft – 80% superwash merino and 20% silk.  I did get one other yarn, partly because the color was so beautiful, partly because the yarn is a merino/silk/cashmere blend that was so soft and silky I couldn’t put it back.  


She brought a good variety of her yarns with her, and there was a good crowd that seemed pretty enthusiastic. I was kind of overcome by yarn fumes, and didn’t think about taking a picture until I was in the car headed out.  I’m not imagining we will have an event like this anytime soon again, so I’m glad I was able to get to this one!  

4 thoughts on “Pop Up!

    1. It is – the dyer does really wonderful work! I am glad we got this one. It’s a shame we don’t have more of that type of event here, but I do get the economics of it. We are pretty far away from most dyers. But that makes it all the more special when someone does come!


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