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Crafty Questionnaire

As usual, I have stolen (ahem – borrowed) this Q&A from NothingButKnit’s blog.  She comes up with the best questions for provoking discussion and for getting to know each other!

Here are the Q’s

  • What is the first actual craft you remember doing as a child? (Not coloring or finger painting. Something more special that you didn’t do regularly.)
  • What is the craziest craft you’ve tried?
  • What craft would you like to try but you know you’d be bad at it?
  • If you had to give up your crafting how would you spend your crafting time?
  • What craft isn’t your thing? Have you tried it or do you just know you wouldn’t like it?

And here are my A’s

  • The first craft I remember doing was a series of “learn to embroider” projects, where you did cross stitch on the first one, then cross stitch and french knots on the second one, and so on for 6 or 7 stitches.  I remember being very proud of the extra fancy 7 stitch last one!
  • What crazy craft didn’t I try?  I was a kid in the 70’s, and also I was a girl scout.  Tie dye, candle making, weaving, string art, macrame, beading, decoupage, crocheting beer can hats, gluing macaroni or acorns or pine cones and/or glitter and sequins to basically anything that would hold still.  Because that was how we rolled.
  • I would kind of like to try woodworking, but am fairly sure I would wind up with ruined wood and stitches.
  • If I had to give up crafting, I would likely turn to a life of crime.  (Not really, probably just be bored.  Maybe read more.  I try not to think about it.)
  • I cannot quilt or do anything that involves sewing with a sewing machine.  I am terrible with sewing machines.  For several years, I tried to be a sewing machine person.    But I just couldn’t.  All I have left from that bleak period is a twitch when I am near sewing machines, and also my DH has a very funny impression of what my sewing attempts sounded like from the next room.  It took a couple of years, but it’s actually funny to me now too 🙂

Share your crafty answers!  If you don’t do any crafts, feel free to substitute the hobby of your choice as well.  If you answer in a post on your own blog, post a link below so we can all go check it out!

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