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Movie Kind of Day

I did actually get a lot of knitting in today, but am going to wait until I’m done with my current pattern section to post a pic. (It will look cooler that way 😉 )

Today started off with my Mom and I going to see The House with the Clock in its Walls.  DH was not interested, so he did something else.  It is a PG level movie about an orphan kid who wanders into a world filled with magic, yet it is not Harry Potter – for better in some ways and for the worse in others. We loved it, though, and were very glad we went!  Very little kids or middle age kids who are easily freaked out might be bothered, but the scares are pretty mild.  For anyone else it should be totally fine.  It is based on a YA novel, which is the first of a series.  The movie changed some of the narrative points in the story, but even with the changes, the story still hung together, so it worked out fine.  The two primary adults were played by Jack Black and Cate Blanchett, who I think is now legally required to star in every movie ever.  They both did great, and the kid actors did fine as well.  For knitters, there was some good sweater eye-candy in there, so it had that going for it 🙂 I am hoping it does well and they make a few more in the series – it was that good!

Then after we got home, we didn’t feel like doing much useful, so we watched two Marvel movies and knitted, with little breaks in there for exercise and making supper.  So I made excellent progress on my Ixchel, and Mom made excellent progress on a Simple Straight Skirt she is working on.  Great Sunday all around!

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