Entrelac Kerchief Done!

My entrelac kerchief, knit from my niece Katy’s lovely spinning, is done!


Though I would normally never take something I care this much about with me on a trip, I was able to get it into my purse, so I was relatively certain that nothing bad would happen to it.  That gave me two medium length flights as well as the evening to knit in, and I got it finished Sunday night!

The picture doesn’t do the yarn colors justice, but it has been gray and rainy here since it got finished, and finally I had to just take the pictures.  Also, “helpers” in the form of my cats would appear every time I set it down to take a picture.  So I had to fling it down and click the picture, because within minutes – sometimes seconds – there were cats standing all over it. They are such good helpers!

I do have some of the yarn left, so may be able to make wristers or something similar to go with the kerchief.  The pattern is Quick-Knit Kerchief, and the yarn is handspun.  The main change I made to the pattern is that I decided to finish the top edge with i-cord, which I think turned out pretty well.

In other project news, I’m working on the button band of Glenesk.  And when that’s done – on to finishing Call of the Siren!

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