Glenesk: One Step Forward, One Step Back

I have some progress to report on Glenesk – but not as much as I’d like.  I got the bottom band reknit, and in spite of the hassle it was, I’m glad I did.  When I started, I forgot to use the smaller needles and just dove right in.  As a result, the bottom band didn’t look quite right, and also it pretty consistently kept flipping up.  I knew I could sew in a band of ribbon around it to keep it straight, but thought maybe I should redo.

“I’ll just unpick the cast on row, and then just pull out those 10 rows”, I thought.  Ha ha ha!  There was no “just pulling out rows” to be done.  This is a grippy yarn, so every stitch was a fight.  I wound up picking up the stitches all around, then just cutting away the previous band.  So I have lots of little bits and ends to deal with, but at least it got the thing done.  I was hoping to save the yarn, but it was not doing well being unknitted.  Well, I did have quite a bit of leftover, so I should be OK for the button band.

And then I had another mishap in the process – my longest needle cord broke! I was able to quickly screw the needle ends into the next longest cord and pick up all the stitches, though I was cursing all the way.  This isn’t a new exchangeable set, so I don’t feel like the cord owed me anything at this point.  But it does put a halt on the button band until I get a new cord.  One is on it’s way from Jimmy Beans – so Glenesk will have a brief intermission while that get sorted out.

Back to one of the projects waiting in the wings!

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