Swimming Along

Finally making some progress on the Call of the Siren shawl!


Done with clue 2 (of 5), and a very slight start on clue 3.  Just 3 more to go!  I think it will move along all right from this point.  Only one more section is double knit, which is sllllloooooowwww to knit, at least for me.  This next one is kind of texture knitting, and the last section involves short rows, which are kind of fun.

I’m hoping to get at least done with sleeve one on Glenesk this weekend, but we will see. DH and I are just went to see Solo, and are going to see Deadpool 2 tonight.  So not a lot of knitting time this weekend.  But hopefully tomorrow I will have a bit more time!

How’s your summer weekend going?

3 thoughts on “Swimming Along

  1. Your shawl looks great!! I have never done double knitting but every person who mentions it says it’s incredibly slow. It will all be worth it though!
    We are having a quiet weekend at home trying to stay cool. We’re having a heatwave.


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