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Totally Knitworthy

As I have probably mentioned, I don’t really knit for other people very much.  Most people either don’t really appreciate what goes into handknits, aren’t going to take care of them appropriately, or just don’t actually like knitted or handmade things.  So I knit for myself and sometimes my Mom, and very occasionally my DH.

A couple years ago at Christmas, I broke with my own tradition, and knitted a very few people – all of whom I liked a LOT – something little as part of their present.  A few people that I knew were really into hot beverages got mug cozies, a few people got fancy knit headbands, and a few people got earbud pouches.  Mostly the recipients thanked me, but the general response was pretty low-key.  So that was that.

Then yesterday at work, one of the earbud recipients approached me with this…

“I have to ask you a really, really big favor!  You know that earbud pouch you made me?  Well, I’m sorry to say I lost it last weekend, and I really miss it. Would you make me another one?  I’ll buy the yarn!”

Be still my heart! Someone actually used the thing I gave them!  They liked it so much that when it got lost they wanted a replacement!  I was so touched and astonished I almost hugged her.  But I didn’t, because that would mean touching another person, which I also mostly don’t do.

Needless to say, I am making her a new one, and she definitely didn’t need to buy the yarn – my stash has several thousand earbud pouches worth of just project leftovers.  Here it is so far – it should be finished in another half hour or so.  The pattern, straightforwardly titled Earbud Pouch, is free for personal use only on Ravelry.


Next Christmas, she gets an earbud pouch, a mug cozy AND a headband.  Nora – you are truly a knitworthy friend!

9 thoughts on “Totally Knitworthy

  1. I don’t really knit for people, either. (I’m not counting the baby blanket that I’m making or the baby sweater — the baby sweater was just so I could practice sweater construction on something small instead of a grown up sweater.) My husband’s best friend, though, is knit worthy. He’s also the one that has sent me a text message saying “I heard alpaca is really soft…do they make alpaca yarn? Is it soft?” He was also beyond impressed with the mittens I made him. (a lacey shawl? That’s nothing to him, lol… the mittens were impressive.)

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    1. That’s awesome! Yes, baby things are always different somehow 🙂 It is always great when people appreciate what you have given them or done for them – makes it much more gratifying!


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