Twinkle of the Starlighter


Twinkle of the Starlighter is finally done! (Done done, as opposed to mostly done like the last post on this topic.) So I can finally stop knitting it, and you can finally stop hearing about it 🙂

So the specifics.  The pattern is Twinkle, by the prolific and creative Natalia Moreva.  The stars are done with stacked increases and decreases, while the background is a gradient.  So it looks terrifically complicated, but it isn’t really.  The yarns are all by Gnarledpaw.  The background is a custom-dyed gradient on the Twinkle-Twinkle silver base, and the stars are Pepto Pink and 50’s Fridge on the Frida Helix base.

In other news, I have a good start on my Nessie socks and am making good progress on Glenesk – pics to follow soon!

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