Coming Attractions!

This is one of those times when I totally get how people have “startitis.” My current knitting is exactly the same as the last several times I wrote, and I’m boring myself even thinking about what to say about it right now. So instead of telling you even more about the things I am continuing to knit, I’m going to tell you about what I will be knitting, just as soon as I can get some of the current pack done!

First up, my gals at Lattes & Llamas have yet another cryptid knit-along in the works – the Nessie Expedition!  DSC08683.JPG

This fell out of my latest S.O.C.K. club shipment, and I was sitting by my laptop on release day, credit card in hand.  I do love a cyptid knitting project! My kit is ordered, and my tool selection ready to go.  However, this time I think I will likely not do it as a knit-along, but rather will wait until all the clues are in and work the project into the lineup. There may be some things I want to alter a little bit, so waiting a bit may make more sense than just jumping in.  For example, if I were to do my Sasquatch socks again, I would probably make them just a bit longer in the leg.  And also do them toe up. I probably won’t wait too long to get it done though!

The other thing I need to do something with NOW are two lovely skeins of handspun sent to me by my lovely and talented niece Katy, of earlier post fame.


This one is 360 yards of sportweight


And this one is 430 yards of light fingering weight.

Aren’t they gorgeous!  I’m still deciding what to make with them.  Definitely need to be cowls or shawls or similar.  The patterns need to be something that will show them off 🙂  Suggestions welcome!


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