Knit Faster!

I’m behind on the ADVENTurous wrap knit-along.  Like, really behind.  It shouldn’t matter.  There isn’t really anything riding on this.  But I really hate being behind in a knit-along.  If I ever invent a time machine, this KAL is one of the things I will go back and fix. That’s how much I hate being behind.

Now the reason I’m behind is a good one.  I started out trying to be all wild and free, just knitting the yarns as they came out of the kit with no attempt to pre-organize them.  That did not work.  I’m not that person.  Occasionally I like to feel like I am wild and free, but I’m not.  So I wasted 7 days of knitting time due to my self-delusion, and then a day or 2 to get real, organize and wind the yarn, and start again.  As a result, I am much, much happier with how the project is turning out, except for the being behind part.

But!  I am a bit more than halfway done now – here is the halfway mark…


…and I have a decent start on the second half.  So it will get done eventually – but definitely not by the 25th.

Because of the lateness, I have decided to just focus on the wrap and will get back on the Geek-along afghan when I finish this.  But here is the third I got done before that decision was made…


And my helper Lazlo coming to see what’s going on!  He is hard to get pictures of – possibly he is in witness protection.  Cameras come out and he makes himself scarce!

What are you knitting this Christmas Eve day?

6 thoughts on “Knit Faster!

    1. Thank you! You have a good point there – I may well avoid KALs going forward, at least for a little while, too. In addition to adding stress where there’s no reason to have stress, I let myself get distracted by them.

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