Wednesday WIPs

Well, it’s time again for the midweek WIP report! Since last week, not a lot has changed.  The project I’m working on most is the Hunting Sasquatch sock MKAL.  The third and final clue was just sent out today – I’m about halfway through the first clue.  Here’s what it looks like so far…



So far it’s looking pretty good!  I’m not quite to the part where bigfoot is hiding but getting there 🙂

The other project is my longer-running-than-I’d-like Colorblock top, which is also coming along swimmingly


Just another inch or two and I can start shaping the shoulders!

I’m doing a lot of my knitting on the Colorblock top at work during lunch.  One or two of my coworkers are also crafty, so on days when we have time we work on our projects du jour.  Sometimes the non-crafters we work with like to check out our progress, and for some of them the nubs in this yarn are a continuous source of wonderment.  One guy is fairly certain I did something fancy to put them there, in spite of me showing him the full skeins, all bristling with nubs.  But who knows – maybe someone will be curious enough to try it for themselves!

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