Wednesday WIP

Nothing too dramatic this week – just working on my lace sampler top and catching up with the Lattes & Llamas Geek-Along.

The lace item is coming along nicely.  I need to knit a few more inches on it, and then block it and sew it up!  Really I am at the point now where it’s getting difficult to pick lace patterns I want to do, because there are not that many patterns that will work in this context.  I want mostly narrow bands, with a few broader ones, so small repeats are the ticket.  Maybe I’ll pick out of a hat?

Other than that, the Geek-Along has been chugging along, a new square each week, and I have been letting it go by the wayside to concentrate on other projects. I had 4 squares to do – here are the two I have done and posted:

They are for The Atom and Ant Man!  I actually went out of order – The Atom was the oldest one and Ant Man was the most recent, but since I had the red yarn out…

The other two are Loki and Black Canary.  Loki is blocking, and Black Canary is on the needles, so pretty soon it will be back to the lace!

What are you working on?

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