In Over My Head

OMG – so much to do!  So I have this grand plan for 2017, which I shared in an earlier post.  But then things keep coming up.  Partly because I am easily distracted, and partly because certain types of peer pressure actually work on me.  Also because I am excellent at creating nonsensical justifications for doing whatever it is I actually want to do, even if I shouldn’t.

So what does this result in?  The projects I am actively trying to work on right this moment include:

  • 1 colorwork sweater
  • 2 afghans that involve intarsia for most or all of their squares
  • 1 colorwork-light cowl/hat KAL, which I am making two sets of, because I need one, obviously, and also I have yarn that would be perfect for someone else, who is not aware that they will be getting one of this set.
  • And then one MKAL that I flaked on, but which involved brioche, which I don’t know how to do yet, but will pick up and learn later.  Maybe in 2018.

So. That’s a lot.  Too much.  So after floundering around knitting a row here and a row there, here’s the plan to dig myself out, one stitch at a time.

  1. Finish both sets of the KAL.  It’s a smallish project, and I should be able to get the first set finished today, and the other one this week while I am out on a work trip.
  2. Knit sweater.  No more afghan squares until sweater is finished!
  3. Be firm with myself.  Do not go noodling around on the Patterns page on Ravelry,  no rabbit trail on friends’ activity pages on Ravelry.  Actually, just go on Ravelry to keep up on the 2 forums I have active interests in, and then log back off, quick, before I see something else I must cast on immediately.

So that’s where I am.  My work trip this week should help.  I’m going to Juneau, and the yarn shop there (Seaside Yarns) is closed the one day I have some goofing off time.  So no new yarns I will absolutely need to buy.  Not much to do in the evenings for an off-season visitor except hang out in my hotel room and knit.  And that’s the plan.  Work, knit, sleep.  Then home on Thursday night with completed project in hand, ready to get that sweater done!  Wish me luck 🙂


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