Crazy Backwards World Day of the Dead Cowl


And here it is – the color reversed version of the Day of the Dead cowl from earlier post fame. And here they are right next to each other for comparison…


Using two variegated yarns together puts an interesting spin on colorwork.  If I wanted crisper definition of the figures, they would not have been the way to go.  However, I wanted kind of a moody antiqued look, which I think the black background piece definitely achieves.  The bright background one is super-colorful and cheerful, and does have a bit better definition of the figures.

Using variegated or tonal yarns as part of plain stranded colorwork can add a bit of complexity to an otherwise straightforward item.  I did something similar with some colorwork Halloween leg warmers I did.  I did just one variegated and one solid in each section though, because I wanted sharper definition of the figures.  Here is an example section…




However, other than experimenting with wacky color blending, I really did these cowls to work on my tension, which I am feeling pretty good about.  Not too tight, not too loose.  So next step – stranded colorwork sweater!



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