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2016 Wrap Up

Today I finished the last of my biggish projects from this year – a Waiting for Rain shawl.  It is blocking right now, and there will be pictures a little later today or tomorrow.

2016 saw a lot of projects started and finished, and a few interesting new knitting endeavors.  I tried socks for the first time, did an MKAL for the first time, and went on a retreat.  It mostly went well, and I learned a lot and had fun as well.  But for 2017, I am going to focus a bit more.

2017 is going to be my Year of Colorwork!  That doesn’t mean I’m only doing colorwork and nothing else at all.  But mostly, colorwork. I have done this type of knitting before, and it went fine, but my techniques could use some polishing, and I would like to develop my sense of color blending and matching.  My plan for stranded colorwork is to start with easier stranded work, then do some Bohus, and finally get to Fair Isle.  For each category, I have at least one smaller piece to do first, then a sweater.  I already have kits for most of my projects, so I’m pretty much ready to go.  In addition to stranded work, I will also be doing some intarsia.  Now, I was a knitter in the 80’s, so I have done plenty of intarsia, but I’d like to get back into it somewhat.  For the intarsia portion of my program, I will be working on the two afghans I mentioned in my last post – the National Parks one, and the 2017 Geek-Along –  Marvel vs. DC.

There will probably be other smallish projects along the way – I do have a couple of cool shawls and pairs of socks ready to roll – but mostly, colorwork.

So, we’ll see how this goes!  First up, Day of the Dead cowl.  I literally just started this, so here it is so far…


DSC07875.JPG More to come!

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