Now That’s Shrawl!

After a semi-frustrating weekend of not getting things finished, I got my Leif shrawl done the other night.  What the heck is a shrawl?


It is a shawl…that is also a shrug! It is a very handy and flattering design, and also has the advantage of knitting up very quickly.  This one took me a week and a half, and I am also working on another  project at the same time, while working full time and occasionally (VERY occasionally) doing something other than knitting.  It won’t take up a lot of your time, is what I’m trying to get at. It features a nifty but not too demanding construction method and a very beginner kind of lace knitting.  The pattern is Leif, and the yarn I used is Shawl for the Best by gnarledpaw, which is in the Bloody Mary colorway.  This is not my first go ’round with this pattern.  Around a year ago, I made this one…


The earlier version is made with Filomena yarn, also by gnarledpaw in the Octopus’s Garden colorway.  There are some differences between the two.

I beaded the edge of the red one, as I feel like the material is very light and has a tendency to sort of float around a bit.  The beads work really well in giving it some weight.  I threaded some elastic across the upper edge of the blue shrawl because the yarn has a lot of silk in it, and so is not as stretchy.  Also I blocked the daylights out of it when I made it, which I have regretted ever since.  However, it’s so pretty and comfy that I needed to figure out a fix that would let me wear it!

Now that this is done, making great progress on my Sock Experiment #3.  More about that later this week, but next I will tell you about a few books I just got and love – The Book of Haps and Yokes, both by Kate Davies!




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