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Projects. Projects Queued Up as Far as the Eye Can See

Did you ever get so backed up with the projects  you want to do that you just become completely frozen in indecision?  So not sure what to do next that you just sort of wander around looking at all your possibilities and have no capacity whatsoever to make decisions?  No?  Me neither.  Definitely.

Just kidding!  That’s exactly where I’m at right now.  I actually still have a bit to do on each of the projects I’m working on right now, and I’m already stuck as to the next projects.  There are SO MANY THINGS I want to make.  So many. I think one of the next things will be a Leif shrawl , which I have already knit one of, but it’s a pretty nifty item, and there’s some red yarn burning a hole in my knitting bag that would go great with an outfit I have that needs a little something extra.  But what about the other project?  Another pair of socks?  I need to keep the sock experiment rolling, or it will go by the wayside.  A sweater?  There are 2 kits and 3 other sweaters’ worth of yarn here just waiting to be knit up.  A different shawl?  There are so many nifty shawls I have the yarn and patterns for…

Decisions are already not a thing I am naturally good at.  I mostly don’t care.  About anything.  Not what movie to watch, or where to go to eat, or what to wear, or really about much of anything.  So this is killing me.   Killing. Me.

So what will I chose?  Even I don’t know.  I’ll let you know next week!

I the meantime, here is the mystery shawl I am working on so far…

Spoiler alert!  If you are currently, or plan to in the future, knitting the Through The Loops 2016 Mystery Shawl, cast thine eyes no further!


Here it is, done to the end of clue 4.  One more to do, which will arrive the middle of this week.  It has been taking me a couple of days to do each of the clues or steps, so unless something is wildly different for the next step, I should be done with this one, but for the blocking, by about this time next week.

And the other project is my very-close-to-done 2nd Sanquhar glove


Just need to add thumb and fingers, and done!  In practice, that is also somewhat fiddly and will take a couple of days.

So I have about a week to get my big decisions made.  What will I wind up doing?  Your guess is as good as mine!


2 thoughts on “Projects. Projects Queued Up as Far as the Eye Can See

  1. The sentiment you describe is how I ended up with an entire room FULL of yarn. My wishlist of projects is so backed up I hardly remember the original projects I bought the yarn for lol 😦 Did I mention that there are about 10 projects currently on the needles :(:( But it all makes me soooo happy!!

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