Mohair Stripes Done!

The mohair striped monster is done! It’s folded up here because this thing is massive. It’s longer than I am tall by quite a bit. Granted, I am pretty short, but still. And also it is wide. I tried it on and I have to wear it looped around a couple times to avoid looking like a fancy, fluffy Tom Baker (Ravelry link).

The yarn is a gift box set of Adele’s yarn in the Underwater colorway, and the pattern came with the yarn. I don’t know that I would make a habit of knitting with mohair, as it is a bit fiddly, but this yarn is really pretty, and I’m happy with the result 🙂

How are your projects going?

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    1. He’s my husband’s favorite Who as well. I kind of liked Capaldi, but not too into any of the others. I am trying super hard to like the new one. She’s OK, but something about the character isn’t grabbing me. Maybe its because the whole show feels like an after school special right now.

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