Wrap Skirt Progress

It is coming along! Because it’s mostly straight knitting with a seed stitch border, it knits up pretty quickly. This skirt has a little shaping built into it, in the form of gusset at the front and back of each hip, and some shaping in the back as well. I just finished the first hip gusset and heading on to the second. It’s a pretty enjoyable project so far.

How are your projects going?

11 thoughts on “Wrap Skirt Progress

  1. You’re making great progress! Your skirt looks fantastic:)
    I’m trying to figure out how to divide up my time for two projects. The blanket is reaching that if it’s warm I don’t want it on my lap stage so I’ve started the cowl. So far so good:)

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  2. A finished baby hat, sweater and quilt were gifted today, now I am on to baby sweater and quilt #2 and baby hat #2, but not for the same baby. And then it’s baby sweater #3, she already got her quilt, so that’s 1 less to make right now. People need to stop having so many babies in the same year! Can we spread them out please? LOL

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