So Close!

Just one more pass on the last row here, then the bind off, and this scarf is DONE! It has been an enjoyable knit, if a little repetitive. But it’s taught me a few more brioche moves that I think will let me make most of the things I eventually want to make.

I have neglected my SIL’s Soft Pretzel socks to just work on this, so as soon as this is done I’m picking those back up. And then it may be time for a new outfit for Dolores!

How are your projects going? What’s next?

9 thoughts on “So Close!

    1. Oh, awesome that you found another skein of the green! Though the shimmering silver would be pretty too 🙂
      Hoping the scarf will be done tonight! Maybe tomorrow – we shall see. Looking forward to Dolores’ new outfit too – the pumpkin costume jumped to the front of the line 🙂

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  1. The scarf is looking great. I can’t wait to see it finished. I’m working on my weekender most of the time, but I’m craving a quick hit to knit, so I might need to make a hat or a baby sweater soon.

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