Dolores – Beach Ready!

I got started on one of Dolores’ new outfits yesterday. Since we still have a little summer left to go, it had to be swimwear! As you can see, her bikini is done and ready for the beach. What you can’t see, because I didn’t take this picture until it was getting dark out, is that this bikini is very, very sparkly. This yarn is maybe 50% sparkle fiber. It is very swim-diva 🙂

There is another piece to this outfit – a very glamorous lacy coverup. The lace part was a little bit of a schmassle to figure out, so that part of the ensemble is still in the works. But hopefully it will be done a little bit later this week. Then we’ll have to get some good pictures – as long as she doesn’t get out of control at the photo shoot!

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