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Knitter’s Bookshelf: Strange Brew


No, it’s nothing to do with Canadians and beer! The newest book from Tin Can Knits is Strange Brew: A Colorwork Knitting Adventure. I bought my copy directly from Tin Can Knits – they are in England, so shipping isn’t super fast, but I got mine in pretty good time.  It is an interesting collection, as it gives you a collection of patterns you can just knit as is, but it also gives you tools to plan and design your own yoke sweater!

The DIY section starts with a very broad overview of the process, and then starts breaking it down.  There is some discussion of the method for knitting yoke sweaters bottom up vs. top down (both methods in the round). Sizing and materials are considered extensively.  “Recipes” or general knitting instructions and stitch counts are given  for an array of sizes and yarn weights.  There is also a deep look at the different styles of yoke design, and tips for adding design to sleeves and around the waistband.  Overall, it is an excellent, in-depth discussion of planning and designing your own sweater.

For those that don’t want to go that far, there are also some lovely patterns that you can just choose your size and colorway and go!  The color photo shows a pretty good selection of the patterns.  In addition to the sweaters you see here, there are a few cowls and hats included.

Whether you just want to knit some things as-is, or want to delve into design, if you are interested in making yoke sweaters, this is an excellent book!

6 thoughts on “Knitter’s Bookshelf: Strange Brew

    1. If you already have a “recipe” for a yoke sweater that fits you, it may not be necessary. For myself, I’m glad I did just for the design basics it gives me. I’ve knit a few yoke sweaters, but most of mine are different construction.


  1. I got this as an e-book, so glad I picked it up! I’ve knit sweaters before but I don’t have enough experience to feel comfortable striking out without a recipe, so I find it great. I also like how it includes instructions for multiple yarn weights, and oh so many sizes! Do you have any patterns from the book in mind that you might cast on soon? I’m doing a Mountain Mist sweater right now.

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